Interior scene model/lighting

One of our assignments was to model and light an interior scene. I found this to be one of my favourite projects, and I actually think I may have improved the appearance of the room over my original reference photo. Here’s that one:IMG_2800_primaryReference.jpg

Here’s my final render:


And here’s a shot of the other side of the rendered room:


The materials are mostly mia_material_X, except the duvet cover, the lampshade and the fabric on the stool. The photo outside comes from MattĀ Sutkoski’s WordPress blog.

Here are some of the objects from the scene:bedroomPcs.jpg

Again, I really liked modelling all these pieces inside of a finite amount of space; I felt it allowed me to have a tighter focus than an outdoor scene which gave me more control over what everything looks like.


Sample: Computer and modern desk set

I modelled these props for an animation project I did in which the two characters were sitting on either side of a desk. I wanted to go for a more interesting look than a standard desk and computer, so the furniture has modern, minimal lines. The computer, however, was based on Apple’s irresistible design of the iMac G4 from 2004 (and their wireless keyboard of more recent vintage).